Another Note on Upgrading to and Installing Logos 4 on Ubuntu


Following up on yesterday’s comment about upgrading to and installing Logos 4 on Ubuntu via a Windows XP machine in VirtualBox, Logos 4 offers a nice import procedure that allows Logos 3 users to transfer all their personal user data files (e.g., notes, markups, queries) into Logos 4 relatively painlessly. There do, however, seem to be a couple hitches when trying to import Logos 3 user data in virtualized setup like the one described here. For the import to work properly,

  1. The “My Documents” folder must be mapped to a local drive on the virtual machine rather than a shared folder from the Ubuntu host system.
  2. The Logos 3 user data folder must be in its default location (for Windows XP: C:Documents and Settings[Username]My DocumentsLibronix DLS).

The Logos 4 import does not seem to find the Logos 3 user data folder if it resides elsewhere besides its default directory, and at least from inside VirtualBox, if “My Documents” is mapped to a shared folder from the host system, during the import process from that folder, Logos 4 will raise an error message and shut down. Once these couple prerequisites are satisfied, however, the import seems to go very smoothly.


Upgrading to and Installing Logos 4 on Ubuntu

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Since May 2007, there has been a pretty healthy discussion among Ubuntu Linux users about installing and operating Logos Bible Software under that operating system. About a month ago now, I finally switched from Windows XP (SP3) to Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty), and since then, I’d been running Logos 3 (Libronix) inside a virtualized Windows XP machine using VirtualBox.

Those of us who have been lagging behind in upgrading to Logos 4 have recently seen some communication about current Logos 4 upgrade discounts ending, so earlier this morning, I called Logos, received a small additional discount for ordering over the phone, and have installed Logos 4 on the same virtual machine I already mentioned. An important note for other users in similar, VirtualBox setups, however: The installation may well fail if you select a shared folder as the destination for your Logos 4 installation.

For instance, to avoid having to download and reindex Logos 4 and its resources again if I were to delete the Windows XP virtual machine that I’ve mentioned, I initially tried choosing my shared Ubuntu home folder as the installation destination. This folder shows up as a network drive under Windows XP, but for whatever reason, Logos 4 wouldn’t download my library there. The second time around for the installation, I simply used the default directory for installing my library inside the virtual machine (C:Documents and Settings[Username]Local SettingsApplication DataLogos4), and everything went smoothly as it could have gone.

As side note related to the switch to Ubuntu, even more kudos to Vern Poythress than he has already received for his excellent guide to typing biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek under Linux.