David Stark headshotThanks for visiting this page and your interest in learning more about this site. My name is David Stark, and I am Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Winnie and Cecil May Jr. Biblical Research Fellow at and Director of Faulkner University’s Kearley Graduate School of Theology.

This site may be of interest more broadly, but on it, I particularly post content that might prove helpful to my students, students in similar circumstances, or others with similar interests. Here, you’ll find a mix of reflections on work in general, work in academia, resources for research, and on particular topics of interest that I’ve come across. These topics generally fall in the areas of or that are related to hermeneutics, Christian reception of Jewish Scripture, theological interpretation of Scripture, and Pauline literature. I generally try to post 3–5 times a week, although there’s some small variation to this schedule when I’m out of the office for one reason or another.

For more information, please see my curriculum vitae, or connect with me by one of the methods under “Subscribe via Email” or “Connect with Social” sections on the homepage. Naturally, the views expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of any other person(s) or institution(s).

Special thanks goes to Eugenio Mazzone for the header photograph here and on the social platforms where it appears.